New Zelda Comes to 3DS

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Nintendo Direct just dropped a whole lot of love on Zelda fans, putting up 3 titles including an original set in the Link to the Past universe. Fans of the series don’t get to relish new genuinely instalments too often and it’s fitting that one is coming to the 3DS. How many people bought that thing simply to play Ocarina in 3D?


The game will be in mostly in the top-down view like A Link to the Past, as it will be set in the same universe. Puzzles based on height in dungeons and and turning into a painting that can travel across walls will take advantage of the 3DS’ capabilities. Unfortunately you wont be able to play the game until holiday season this year. If you’re impatient you can always download a video showing you a game you can’t play until Christmas right now in the eShop.


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