Hunter x Hunter returning from hiatus, Togashi checks out of rehab

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Yoshihiro Togashi after 2 days of hiatus.

After a long an arduous battle with addiction, Yoshihiro Togashi, the man behind the popular manga series Hunter x Hunter has finally checked out of a Dragon Quest rehabilitation facility and has made clear that he plans to resume his Hunter x Hunter manga after more than a year on hiatus.

The manga went on hiatus following its 340th chapter in March of 2012. The hiatus was originally said to be brief, but that was when disaster struck – Dragon Quest X was released on the Wii a few months later. Togashi couldn’t help but wait outside his local video-games store for the next 4 months, his addiction had already taken control before the game had even been released.

When asked to comment on his addiction Togashi had this to say, “I like Dragon Quest.” He also went on to break his silence in regards to his hiatus by saying, “Sorry about that, please stop threatening my life.” He followed up by giving his thoughts on his fans, “I am afraid, please can someone help me?”

Unfortunately following his release from Dragon Quest rehab last week on the 23rd of March, Togashi broke his sobriety this past weekend upon the release of Dragon Quest X on the Wii U. Togashi’s whereabouts is currently unknown and his promise to resume the Hunter x Hunter manga is now up in the air. Togashi was last spotted cradling a Slime plush toy and a Wii U Gamepad at a local Starbucks cafe, presumably trying to take advantage of their free Wi-Fi.

Capsule Computers acknowledges that this information is entirely false and is intended as an April Fools joke.

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Senior Editor & Anime Specialist
  • Hahahaaha The greatest April fools joke would be a new chapter.

  • SilverStrumer

    Is this for real or just a joke? LMAO

  • Radoslav

    Its just like WDWUNE 😀

  • bensh

    looks like he plays super mario for snes. not wii xD this has to be a joke o.O I heard that he is ill and is always on hiatus because of that. and that he even helps in the production of the new released anime, that keeps him occupied. but this is so lol xD if HxH was a badass anime, I would stop Watching and buying it right know. Seriously his fans worry about him and wish him the best, and what is he doing? playing Dragonquest…unforgivable.

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