Crows Explode – First Trailer Released

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Bancho Badass and lead of Crows Zero I & II, Genji

If you’re a Bancho Buff like me you’ve been waiting for the next Crows movie to be released since the ending credits of the last Crows movie. That’s dedication! Now while we don’t have a movie release we have a pretty sweet trailer release for the latest addition to the series titled Crows Explode.

Now if you’re unaware of this series it all started with Hiroshi Takashi’s manga by the same name that spawned 2, now 3, movies and it all kind of revolves around the same thing; “If that guy is better than you beat his face in until he’s no longer better than you”, basically the students, and I use that lightly, of Suzuran fight to become top dog, fighting people of higher ranking so you can keep climbing and become king of Suzuran, It’s your typical Bancho Brawler that, as a genre, isn’t too typical. As an extra note it seems as though Takashi Miike will be stepping down and replaced by Toshiaki Toyoda for this film.

"A screen from Crows Zero I, Just a show of what's to come in Crows Explode"

A screen from Crows Zero I, Just a show of what’s to come in Crows Explode

Crows Explode takes place a month after the events of Crows II and introduces the new casts of fighters to enter the school after former main characters Genji and Tamao have graduated and moved on. The protagonist, played by Masahiro Higashide, this time around is a transfer student Kaburagi or “Desperado” as it states in the trailer. Taichi Saotome plays the first-year student Ryohei “Joker” Kagami who, like most other students, aims to reach Suzuran kingship. Yuya Yagira will play third year student Toru “King” Gora who seems to be this years highest ranked fighter. Not many fo the previous cast will return but once you watch the video you’ll get a gist of who’s coming back and who’s totally moved on.

Jump down below and watch the featured video of the first trailer for Crows Explode and then head down below that to our comments section and drop us a line.

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