Astro Announces New Gaming Apparel Line

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Headphones, Mixamps, and Bags clearly weren’t enough for Astro Gaming. Astro announced their brand new line of t-shirts, hoodies, bags, and hats for men and women today. The line is built from premium materials to survive what ever adventure you engage in. “We’ve long felt that many other popular pastimes, activities and sports have entire industries devoted to providing unique attire to their faithful – attire that says, “I belong to this group!”  Unfortunately, there is no such equivalent in the gaming world,” said Aron Drayer, Director of Marketing, ASTRO Gaming.  “We want to change that.  We’re aiming to provide gamers with comfortable and unique looks that function just as well in or out of the house — products that can function as accessories and look good while doing it.”

Check out the whole line up here.

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