Shining Ark previewed in eleven minute gameplay video

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With Sega’s Shining Ark set to be released this week in Japan, 4Gamer has placed an eleven minute video featuring all types of gameplay footage from the PSP exclusive. In the video we see not only examples of the games combat system but also a glimpse at all of the different characters that players will have access to throughout the game, such as the male lead Fried and the one-winged angel girl named Panis.

Besides the combat system, the video also contains footage of the non-action oriented activities that gamers can take part in, such as fishing or completing basic quests. Currently Shining Ark is set to be released on February 28th in Japan and will likely not be released in the West given it’s PSP status and Sega’s unwillingness to localize most Japanese games, so feel free to import the title if you don’t mind the Japanese text.

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