Games Workshop Co-Founder Joins Playdemic as Chairman

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Ever play a social game and think to yourself  ‘you know what this game is missing? Several books of deep lore.’ Well, your day has come. Ian Livingstone, a Commander of the British Order, has been appointed chairman of Playdemic. He is also the President of Eidos and under his chairmanship of Eidos we saw the release of iconic titles such as ‘Lara Croft: Tomb Raider’ and ‘Hitman.’

For those who prefer table top gaming, they’ll recognize Ian as being the co-founder of Games Workshop, publishers of the ‘Warhammer’ franchise. Paul Gouge, CEO of Playdemic, appointed Livingstone as chairman because he ‘demonstrates our commitment to creating the highest quality games… his incredible experience and expertise in all aspects of the industry will prove invaluable in Playdemic’s continued growth.’

While technically the board is above the CEO and other Chief Officers in a company, they usually convene a couple of times a year to approve the machinations that are already decided upon. Other duties include official spokesperson and CEO evaluation. Whether this appointment is a costly experiment in marketing or Ian will truly be able impact the quality of games like ‘Gourmet Ranch’ and ‘Village Life’ is yet to be seen. That is, if it’s a non-executive role.

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