Earn Assassin’s Creed Rewards With Raptr

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Ubisoft and Ratpr are teaming up to give players at home that are also Raptr users the opportunity to earn some awesome rewards from the service. These could come in the form of rewards, as well as copies of the previous games.

Ubisoft and Raptr have teamed up to reward Assassin’s Creed III gamers for playing the new Tyranny of King Washington DLC (releasing 02/19/2013) with a chance to win games, avatar items, and more! You can earn some pretty sweet stuff simply by meeting the qualifying ranks and getting in-game achievements.

The rewards are posted on the Raptr services official website. Just remember that by participating in this contest, you will likely be spamming your friends Twitter and Facebook pages with messages from the service. So make sure you you do your best to qualify and win those rewards.

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