Posted by Travis Bruno on Jan 22, 2013

Learn how to unlock the Dead Space 3 Mass Effect N7 armor


If you thought that EA wasn’t going to put any more crossover items into their games then you probably are a bit of a fool. Following up with last year’s Mass Effect armor and weapons added to Kingdoms of Amalur, this time we have Dead Space 3 receiving some special Mass Effect N7 Armor.

You can check out the armor in the image above (click for high-res) or in the trailer below. Now how do you unlock this Dead Space 3 armor? Easy. All you need is a save file from Mass Effect 3 on the console you are playing Dead Space 3 on. EA has said that this armor will be available on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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  • Néon

    The tailed beast make the cover perfect. They are the reason for the war after all. I’m anticipating this game like no other.

    • you and me both! what system are you getting it on?