Chrono Tales Open Beta



For MMO fans, there may be a new reason to pay attention due to Ray Media’s announcement of the open beta to Chrono Tales.  The game is a free-to-play 3d MMORPG that can be played in a browser.  The game features full 3d game play and the ability to challenge any other person in PvP combat at any time.  The game has been optimized for this beta to include several interesting features;  the level cap has now been increased to a challenging level 70, and players can explore a brand new area called the “Crystal Mine”.

But that’s not all that the beta has added though, there’s also a new boss for the extended leveling world called the Thunder Knight, and a new Daily Instances Monster Garden.  The developers have added a new VIP System to Chrono Tales that give players additional features and privileges depending on that persons VIP level.  In order for the players to reach VIP1 they must have recharged 250 Diamonds which includes an in-game gift pack that comes with a Legendary Diamond Ring.

The game can be accessed without the need of any activation codes and none of the game data will be wiped when the beta is over.  If this sound like it could be up your alley then you can find more information at the games official web site here.

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