Banned Dexter’s Laboratory episode uncovered

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Every now and then rumours arise about supposed banned episodes of TV, some of which forever exist as a myth never to see the light of day. Dexter’s Laboratory fans however are in for a treat as one such banned or ‘lost’ episode has been uncovered after more than a decade since its creation.

The episode is titled ‘Rude Removal’ and focuses on Dexter inventing a machine that splits a person into a good and bad side, essentially splitting them into two different people. ‘Rude Removal’ never made it to air for a pretty simple reason, it features excessive swearing throughout although it was beeped out. Despite the beeping Cartoon Network saw it to be not suitable for children and pulled the plug on it.

You can check out the episode now below. Be sure to let us know what you think of this bizarre episode in the comments section below.

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