Pass the time with these retro Apple 2 games on your browser.

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Are your siblings still sleeping and you want to open presents? Or maybe your family is wasting time sustaining their bodies with petty nutrients before the fun stuff. Or you are like me and are stuck on the lame side of the world where we are perpetually stuck in the past. Either way, presents are waiting to be opened and you don’t know how to deal with it.   Worry not, you can spend some quality time revisiting the past on your browser by playing some classing Apple 2 games.


Oregon Trail has brought many memories of trying to cross rivers and failing, followed by Dysentery. Play as a family man moving across the old wild west of the United States.


Space Quest A funny Sci-Fi game with influences from Star Trek and Star Wars. You plays as a janitor saving the galaxy but  mostly through dumb luck.


Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar will certainly eat up some time, and you may even come back to it later.  With a sprawling world of blocky 2D graphics, your imagination is actually more free to roam in this adventure game.

So before you open your new presents with their spiffy graphics and sleek design, revisit the past so the future can look even more pristine. Happy Holidays, everyone.

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