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Bundle in a Box: Eclectic Delights announced that they are extending the sale of their bundle til this Friday, December 21st to celebrate the end of the Mayan calendar. Pay what you want to get five games, adventure thriller Shadows on the Vatican, Act:1, adventure/strategy game Delve Deeper & DLC, strategy game War of the Human Tanks, lovecraftian platformer Eversion, and first person horror game Fibrillation. Those who beat the average will receive platformer The Adventures of Shuggy, FMV fighting game Stay Dead, first person horror game The 4th Wall, top down adventure game Flibble, 3d platformer Skylight, and a pre order for adventure game Shadows on the Vatican, Act:II.

All games are available as DRM free downloads and an assortment of Desura and Steam keys. The bundle is in support of the Indie Dev Grant and The Hellenic Centre for Mental Health and Treatment of Child and Family. Purchase the bundle here and remember, if the world really does end on Friday, you won’t have to pay the bill.

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