StarCraft RISK – Now on Sale

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Zerg rushing retail stores near you is a Sci-Fi twist of the classic game RISK. Activision Blizzard is pleased to announce that RISK: StarCraft Collector’s Edition is now on sale to ignite a galactic war.

The contents of the box holds a total of 333 game pieces. Here is what you can expect to receive when purchasing the board game:

2 Terran Armies
2 Protoss Armies
2 Zerg Armies
6 Leaders
6 Custom Bases
15 Custom Mineral Fields
42 Faction/Territory Card
Custom Game Board
7 Dice

Additional to the custom game pieces, players will have several ways to attempt to play the board game. Available variations of gameplay are as follows:

  • Basic Training – a quick and easy mode for beginners
  • Command Room – a fast-paced, yet strategic take on RISK, using StarCraft heroes and abilities
  • Total Domination – an updated version of the classic game
  • Team Play – 2 v 2 and 3 v 3 game-modes

To grab this great collection piece, you can find it directly at the Blizzard Store or try for a great deal. Look at the unique collection of cards that are part of the game’s contents below!

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