Hitman Absolution – Ultimate Assassin Trailer

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In just 10 days gamers will be able to get their hands on the final big stealth title of the year, Hitman Absolution. In Hitman, players take on the role of Agent 47 as he is assigned a target and given a plethora of options to take them down. Each level is a playground of opportunities and it is all up to the individual on how he ultimately carries out the contract.

In the final part of the developer “Introducing” series, a collection of videos that prepare the player for their time in Hitman’s world, we closely examine the abilities and traits of the “Ultimate Assassin”. Can you match up to the perfect Agent 47? Taking out targets tactically and silently? Or will you go in guns blazing seeking only the rush of the chase and kill?

All will be revealed on November 20th when the game releases on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Microsoft and Windows PC. Developed by IO Interactive and running on the new Glacier 2 engine, Hitman Absolution certainly looks set to impress.

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