Help name a few of Disgaea D2’s weapons

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Nippon Ichi Software is continuing their tradition of offering fans a chance to name a few weapons for their upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive Disgaea D2. This time around the company is asking for the names of six different weapons which are a sword, lance, bow and arrow, gun glove, axe, and a staff. As for what these weapons look like you can see images of them below.

For those who don’t know, Disgaea D2 is the first direct-sequel to a Disgaea title in the franchise’s history and follows the story of the Disgaea’s most iconic characters, Laharl, Etna and Flonne. If you happen to think up a few names for these weapons, you can enter them here. If you have difficulty navigating the page, then take note that the first box is for your name while the following boxes are names for the weapons in left to right order. These name submissions will be accepted until November 30th and the selected names will be revealed two weeks later on December 14th.

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