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Resident Evil 6 cast

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There comes a time in every man’s life that after playing Resident Evil 6 you need to find out who, what, where and why certain things come together.  And for this man, that time has come.  After completing Resident Evil 6 on professional, collecting all the emblems scattered throughout the four chapters in the game, stepping into the shoes of the hunters and hunting agents down and ripping their throats out, then teaming up with randoms on-line and taking down both J’avo and Zombies in mercenaries mode, plus unlocking all the achievements 1000/1000 just wasn’t enough for me.

I needed to know more, I wanted to know more! Especially about the eight major characters in the game, and who they were modelled after.  So I strapped on my trusty BSAA jacket given to me by the legendary Chris Redfield and went out into the scary virtual world called the internet in search of these answers.

I wasn’t able to find out how to make the C-Virus but this what I did find instead:

Leon Scott Kennedy was face modelled after Bart Votila:

 Helena Harper was face modelled after Natasha Alam

Jake Muller (Albert Wesker’s) was face modelled after Bradley Dodds

Sherry Birkin was face modelled after Sara Fletcher

Chris Redfield was face modelled after Reuben Langdon

Piers Nivans was face modelled after Adam Crosman


Ada Wong was face modelled after Ty Brenneman

Dereck C. Simmons was face modelled after Rocco Spinelli  


There certainly is quite a strong resemblance between the real life actor/models and the characters in the game.  With this part of my burning desire for answers resolved, I can put this behind me and move on to bigger things.  What could be bigger than Resident Evil 6 you say? Well you’ll have to check back soon and find out!

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