Crashmo Debuts on the eShop

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Pushmo is one of the eShop’s best titles. There really isn’t any denying how addictive the 3D puzzler is, but now, fans can go back for more as the sequel is now out on the eShop. Crashmo keeps the same push/pull type gameplay, but now features a new mechanic of dropping blocks, which crash down to give a whole new spin on the experience. There is also a bit more story this time around as well, with Mallo encountering a new female friend in a hot air balloon that will be dropping those blocks from the sky. You can download Crashmo on the eShop for $8.99 as of today.

If you weren’t an ambassador, you will be happy to know that Zelda II: The Adventure of Link is also available for just $4.99. This is a hate or love Zelda game, with a difficulty that is sure to nag even the toughest of players.

If Pokemon had a baby with Spirit Camera, the augmented reality titles Spirit Hunters Light and Spirit Hunters Shadow would be their ghostly spawn. Each one of these games has the same premise of hunting for ghosts in the real world, with several “rare” deities that can be battled and captured as you level up as a Spirit Hunter. Each title can be purchased for the DSi or 3DS for $7.99. 3D MahJongg is a pretty nice looking version of the classic, and it can be purchased now as well on the eShop for the 3DS for $4.99.

Wii U owners…well, you guys have a lot to snag up, as all of the full retail versions of some of the most popular titles can be bought at full price – as well as the 5 eShop titles that debuted with the system and a good number of apps.

So what are you downloading this week?

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