Capsule Computers Podcast Episode 066 – Dawn Of A New Day

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Hi Everyone! Benjamin “LinkageAX” here and welcome to our new and improved gaming podcast! You’ll notice that we’ve shaken the core concept up a bit and that we’ve shaven a few minutes off the total running time. This means that you get a more streamlined podcast based around things that are relevant and current.

Please enjoy our first show of this format.

Cast: Luke Halliday, Travis Bruno and Dustin Spencer; hosted by: Benjamin Webb.

Music for this podcast is from: Metroid Prime

Thanks for listening and let us know what you think!



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Special Mention to our partners over at Razer, us here at Capsule Computers we are geared by gamers, for gamers.



Points of Interest:


Assassins Creed 3



WWE 13


Ben and Luke:

Mario Kart 

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  • Will Bevens

    In response to the VGA conspiracy and the conflict between Rob Florence and Lauren Wainwright, the whole situation was a complete ‘slap to the face’ for video game journalism.

    Rob lost his job because of Wainwright’s legal threats, which is a terrible hit for journalism in general. Rob was chastised for his brilliantly written article by many, many other journalists in the industry, proving just how incestuous the entire community can be, also highlighting that (some) journalists are definitely influenced by PR and that there is a general feeling that it is okay to do so.

    Don’t even get me started on Doritos and Mountain Dew either….

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