A-1 Pictures production of Magi plagued with issues

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Magi: Labyrinth of Magic has been a manga property that has been in the market for an anime adaptation for quite some time now. It’s truly a shame that the studio handling the production of this anime adaptation is A-1 Pictures, a studio notorious for their sloppy animation work. With numerous animation errors noted with Sword Art Online, it should come as no surprise that their adaptation of Magi has been plagued with similar issues both story-wise and animation-wise.

The most recent mistake in production occurred in episode 6 of Magi. In one particular scene there is clearly conceptual sketches visible. This is an amateur mistake by any studios standard and is something that should have been cleaned up in final production on the episode, however it was not and as you can see in the image above (besides the mans head on the cave wall), was left in the final product.

Besides that most recent error, previous episodes have featured character seemingly completely disappearing although we see them collapse, only to go missing in the background for the next 15 minutes, suddenly to reappear at the end of the episode. Another mistake was a character whom had been hit by a number of arrows, suddenly having no arrows or wounds in the very next scene. These are of course very amateurish mistakes and leave many puzzled as to what exactly is going on. It’s simply sloppy animation work.

In terms of the story-line there has been many anime only viewers rather confused as so much has been omitted from the original manga that there is noticeable cutting between episodes that leaves the feeling of having missed a lot of content. In the most recent episode, two characters comment on meeting Aladdin before he met Alibaba, an event that was not at all explored or shown in the series, leaving us to wonder what his connection with them is.

All of this does not bode well for A-1 Pictures, a studio already burdened with a reputation for lazy and sloppy work. This Magi news only adds further fuel to the negative reputation this studio has built for themselves.

What do you think of the issues with Magi? Have you noticed any of them? Are you bothered by these issues? Let us know in the comments section below.

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