20 New Grand Theft Auto V Screens + More Details

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With a second trailer soon to be released in a few days time, hype for Rockstar’s highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V is no doubt building. Next month’s Game Informer will showcase Grand Theft Auto V in full, yet for those who can’t wait that long, quite a bit of information about the game has leaked out on the internet, along with a bunch of new screen from the game.

Grand Theft Auto V returns to reimagined Los Santos and its surroundings. And from what Rockstar’s said so far it’s going to be huge.

“Larger than the combination of the maps of Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV and San Andreas”

Unlike previous Grand Theft Auto games where you only play as one character, in Grand Theft Auto the three protagonists Franklin, Trevor and Michael are part of the player’s crew and can be swapped on the fly in missions or in free roam.

Expect a lot more Grand Theft Auto V news coming soon, and I’m guessing a lot of these new features will be explained or at least showcased in the hotly anticipated second trailer.


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