Wreck it Ralph coming exclusively to Nintendo

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Fans of the Disney film Wreck it Ralph can now continue the adventure at home and on the move as Activision bring to life the franchise exclusively on Nintendo’s Wii, DS and 3DS platforms. The game takes off where the films ends and players will team up with Ralph and Felix as they battle a new hoard of Cy-Bugs, hell bent on destroying Mr Litwaks arcade. In celebration of the up-coming title Activision have released some all new character art featuring some stunningly designed illustrations.

Wreck it Ralph will feature the ability to swap and change in real time between Ralph and Felix utilising their various skills all played out across 4 unique environments that fans of the film will easily recognise, all jam packed with Hero medals and Easter eggs to add to your prized trophy collection. Wreck it Ralph will be available come 5th December exclusively on Nintendo Wii, 3DS and DS consoles.

For more information please visit Activision.com


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