Journey To Hell This November

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The temporarily titled Project: Holy Shield has now been christened Journey to Hell! The post-apocalyptic shooter is coming this November courtesy of DogBox Studios and BulkyPix and promises to be a homage to the old-school action heroes of the genre. With 7 maps, each with their own unique atmosphere and tone, a specialised soundtrack composed by The Slaughters and a “real-time render” sound engine provided by AudioGaming, Journey to Hell looks to take on AAA quality aspects of game development in an iOS title.

Gamers will play as two members of the Holy Shield, Gabriel and Rachel. A secret organisation, the Holy Shield exists to fight the evil that plagues the human race in the form of deadly Daemons, and find/eliminate the source of their summoning. With over 20 upgradeable weapons at your disposal, including a flamethrowers, machine guns and revolvers, you’ll be able to wreak carnage on over 15 enemy types across 14 levels! You can also test your mettle in additional game modes Survival and Hunt.

To see some cool concept artworks, work-in-progress renders and the first official screenshots, check out the gallery below. DogBox Studios has also just released a new behind-the-scenes Developer Diary, which you’ll find underneath the gallery. “Load your Holy Revolvers and Blessed Guns – the hunt is on!”

I am a graduate of the Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment (w/ major in Games Design) course at Qantm College, Sydney.

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