EB Expo 2012: Splinter Cell: Blacklist Preview

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Splinter Cell: Blacklist brings back the franchise with Sam Fisher appointed the acting commander of an elite team of operatives called ‘Fourth Echelon’, who need to put a stop to the terrorist group ‘Blacklist’ before it’s too late. While it has the storyline of an action game, how does it play?

At the EB Games Expo 2012 they had a scene of the game on show. While it wasn’t playable, one of the Ubisoft employees played through it for us. Obviously incredibly skilled and knowing exactly how to play the scene, he showed off a range of different stealth tactics that Fisher had up his sleeve.

While it’s doubtful that the average Splinter Cell player will be able to pull off the scene with as much grace and surety as our demonstrator, the ability to do so is certainly there.

Fisher has a range of attack types, from targeting enemies while under cover for a quick execute (called killing in motion – extremely useful because Fisher stays on the run), to electrocuting the pool of water that enemies are standing in, to placing a fake bomb to draw enemy attention while attacking from behind, to spraying rounds out of a semi-automatic, to the usual stealth assassination moves. Not to mention all the gadgets Fisher has at his disposal.

Clearly they’re making sure to have as much variety as possible, so that there will be several ways to attack a scene. It’s all about putting those skills to use and keeping as hidden as possible (which is measured by a gauge). I can imagine that as more information comes out about the game that we’ll be seeing even more interesting things revealed about it.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist will be coming out on April 1, 2013 for the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. For more information about Splinter Cell: Blacklist as it comes out make sure to keep tuned to Capsule Computers!

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