CC Screen: Suburgatory Season 2 Premiere a Little Off-Kilter

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Suburgatory is a show that I’ve always enjoyed, it has everything I want in a comedy show – a snarky, sarcastic lead, social commentary, satire, and lovable characters. The second season premiered recently, something that I was really excited by, until I watched it.

Suburgatory has always been a little different, that’s what made it interesting. But it seems to have lost its tune a little in the premiere of the second season. Previously Suburgatory did a very good job of toeing the line of odd humour and keeping it light and charming.

The season 2 premiere did not do such a good job. Quite a few of the scenes descended into extremely odd, unrealistic, and downright weird sorts of humour. It got to the point where it was just sort of awkward. It was a disappointing showing, especially for a show that did so well in the past.

It might have been the show trying to come back with a bang, in which case hopefully it settles down over the next few episodes. Still, despite this deviation from the norm, it’s still nice to come back to Chatswin again.

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