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We have  a copy of The Sims 3 Supernatural (Expansion Pack) ON PC * REQUIRES THE SIMS 3 to play to give away courtesy of EA

The Sims 3: Supernatural is the seventh expansion pack for The Sims 3. Supernatural introduces several new life states, and explores how they behave and interact. It also introduces other mythical features, such as a lunar cycle and alchemy.”



All you have to do to win is to simply leave a comment below on why you want to win this awesome game. 

Lucky winners will be drawn at random on the September 16th, 2012. Good luck to you all!


Competition is open WORLDWIDE. When you enter please leave a VALID email address and also mention what part of the world you are from.


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Play Hard Or Don't Play At All
  • The sims is amazing and I really want to see all the new really cool things. I think that being a wolf would be fun, especially having to worry about the phases of the moon., United States

  • I would love to have it because i love to play with sims lives 🙂 and do all kind of cool things with them. and supernatural seems like a kick., united states

  • Brittany

    I love the Sims! I have been playing forever! This is like the one expansion I really would love! I have almost all of them and adding some monsters too my game would be amazing! I’ve seen pics of others playing and it makes me so jealous! The fairies are adorable, the werewolves look neat, and the zombies look like they’d be fun to mess around with!!! I really would love this game!!!

    From: USA

  • Melissalee

    Melissa Wilkes

  • Melissalee

    Its time they turned it up a notch… it was getting a bit mundane living a standard existence with warp speed university degrees, now I might be able to cast a few spells on those Sims that don’t buy my artwork!

  • Emma

    I think that its great that they’ve broadened the scope, and I can’t wait to make supernatural sims. Can’t wait for seasons either.

  • okester

    I’ve wanted a magic EP for TS3 for a very long time. My first Sims expansion was Makin’ Magic. I have alway been attracted to all things magical and mysterious, and have been a Sims fan since the original.

  • okester

    I’ve wanted a magic EP for TS3 for a very long time. My first Sims expansion was Makin’ Magic. I have alway been attracted to all things magical and mysterious, and have been a Sims fan since the original.

  • I want to win this because I played through Sims 3 on my old computer, but I’ve since switched computers and would really like to play through it again with some expansions.

  • Jen Murray

    Id love to win this as ive always been a fan of the sims, been playing 8 years now, bought makin magic for The Sims years ago, loved making potions & casting spells. Would love to be able to do that with my new Sims3 PC game – get me addicted again!

  • LMN

    If I win this, I will actually buy the sims 3 so I can play it! Haven’t played the sims since the first one and this expansion actually gets me interested in it again!

  • Tailsk

    I’m actually not entering for myself, but for my girlfriend. She hasn’t bought The Sims 3 yet but she’s still playing playing the sims 2 + all expansions. This would be a nice upgrade, and I’d buy The Sims 3 base game myself.

  • TheGame

    Im BIG fan of sims game so if i have this.. that will be AWESOME!

  • Mort

    I’m addicted to the Sims and I especially like the monsters included in this game.

  • Loved playing Sims 2: Magic and this is the closest that they’ve come out to that expansion pack so I’d love to get my hands on this one!

  • Amy

    Omg I love all sims games I like play them all the time and this is prob the best game I hope I get picted

  • Amy

    Just say love sims sooooooooooo mucht

  • Amy

    Love sims zoo mucht all ways have I played it sends It came out play station and I had it on playstion ds sims pecon ds and had sims 2 now i have sims 3 hope theres sims 4 plz I hope

  • Yay please one

  • yay please one

  • I’d love to win this because I have no expansions for Sims 3, and I also really love the supernatural – ghosts, witches, vampires (…well, the Dracula-like ones anyway), you name it. 😀
    I’m in the US.

  • My wife would love this! She’s a Sims addict! I’m chilling here in the U.S.

  • Gabriel

    I want to be a werewolf and see the vamps this dlc is gonna be epic and add to my procrastination

  • Ally

    I want to win this game because I want to make a cute fairy family, lol. I’ve bought so many Sims 3 Expansion Packs recently that I’m pretty much out of $$ for Supernatural, haha. ^^; I’m from the United States.

  • ChocolateThundah

    I want to win this game because I have a friend who’s birthday is coming up and she is in love with The Sims 3 and I think that it would be a wonderful present for her ^_^

  • All-4-one

    Love The Sims, would like to try out the new Supernatural expansion! Looks so awesome!

  • OMGaTurtle

    Yay I love free stuff 😀 thanks guys!

  • I’d love to get spooky with the awesome Sims 3 game

  • To challenge myself against the Sims Supernatural … how eerie could it be. I’n Scared. BOO!

  • amy

    can u be from ireland to win i really love the sims i an adicted to it its brillent

  • chelsea

    Hi I think im the one that gave them the idea to have a contest to win this game bcause I couldnt afford it but please I want to win this game sooo bad I love sims so much!

  • I want to play with Dean and Sam Winchester!! I could so pretend with Sims Supernatural 😉 I’m from Australia! girllovestosew at yahoo dot com dot au

    • Guest

      Australia!! girllovestosew at yahoo dot com dot au

  • The Sim’s Supernatural would be a change from the Perfect world of Regular Sims. I think that’s a picture of my brother on the cover after a big night.

  • Jordan Troxel

    I’d love to be able to play as all sort of supernatural creatures. I’m a college student, so this game would definitely liven up the times between classes! 🙂

    University of Florida, United States.

  • I’m from Germany and I love playing the Sims 3. I’d like to win, because playing as one of the new supernatural creatures sounds amazing and there are lots of cool objects as well!!!

  • Annabell

    I’m from Africa but live in the scotland. I love love love the sims 3 supernaturals. I have been trying to get my mum to buy it for me since I heard it was coming out, no such luck. I would love to win the sims 3 supernaturals, I don’t normally win prizes but would just adore to win this one. When I’m on the sims 3 I mostly build houses and whatnot. This is probably the best expansion pack there is ever going to (maybe even better than seasons). I have ambitions and generations. As I get older I am hoping to buy all expansion packs.

  • Congrats to lucky winner : All-4-one

    You win a copy of The Sims Supernatural! Thanks to everyone else that entered the competition! We’ll have some more great prizes and competitions coming soon! Stay tuned. For now check out our existing competitions here :

  • Christine

    I’m from Germany and I’d love to win this expansion pack!!! I have never won anything before, but it would be really awesome to win the sims 3 supernatural

  • Camara Wilson

    love the sims…ani batoo

  • Betsy M.

    I LOVE these games and i wont come up with some stupid excuse. I am TOO young to have a credit card and my family wont buy me games and I’m low on cash. So I’m commenting here 😀

  • Betsy M.

    Besides… it would be awesome :3

  • Mick

    I feel the need to learn all things supernatural so I can be well rehearsed as once I have entered the afterlife to haunt with skill and conviction

  • Jay

    New to PC gaming, want to get Sims 3 for my mother, much appreciated!

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