Latest PlayStation 3 model priced and dated for North America

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During their Tokyo Game Show conference, Sony revealed a brand new slim PlayStation 3, which many are dubbing the “Super Slim” PS3. Now that it has been announced in Japan, Sony in America isn’t about to slouch and let fans in North America go without release information. It has been announced that there will be two different models of PlayStation 3 released on September 25th in North America, a 250GB version and 500GB version. The price for the 250GB version will run you $270 while the 500GB one will cost $300.

A Uncharted 3 bundle of this Super Slim PS3 has also been revealed for North America. This version will come with the Game of the Year Edition of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception as well as a $30 worth of gear for Dust 514, though the bundle will only include the 250GB version of the PS3. The price of this bundle is currently unannounced. Anyone notice the strange pricing discrepancies between the 250GB and 500GB version? It seems only logical that most consumers will spend only $30 for the larger memory space.

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