Hotel Transylvania Screenshots Emerge from the Darkness

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Hotel Transylvania is set to hit theaters on September 28th, but the WayForward/Gamemill video game adaptation will be coming forth as soon as next week for the 3DS and DS. This romp features a good number of “locations, puzzles, and boss battles galore” for players to interact with, and seems to carry WayForward’s retro-esque level design that they do so well.

Today, a few new screenshots have emerged for you all to sink your teeth into for the 3DS & DS versions of the game, which you can now check out below for both versions. Hotel Transylvania may be licensed, but it does have some promise as it almost appears to be a SNES classic cart that was thrust into the present. You can pick up either version when Hotel Transylvania hits shelves on September 25th.

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