XCOM: Enemy Unknown New Trailer

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The Australian division of 2kGames have released a new trailer for the upcoming tactical strategy game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown. This trailer is titled Casualties of War and takes a look at the importance of keeping your agents alive in the field of combat.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a reboot of the classic X-COM franchise from the early nineties and follows the invasion of Earth from alien foes. What made this series standout compared to other games at the time was a focus on tactical decisions from not only a combat perspective, but from a business/ military perspective also.

The concept of ‘Perma-death’ is also a concept that was largely involved in the series where players would be able to have their field operative get killed at any moment and they would be unable to resurrect them. This gave players a kind of connection to their units and having them lost is something most players did not like. This rebuild also carries this perma-death feature and this is what the trailer showcases.

Be sure to check out the trailer embedded below for more info.

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