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We have  3 copies of Death Rally on PC STEAM to give away courtesy of Remedy Games

“Load your guns, start your engines…THE CLASSIC IS BACK! Brought to you from Remedy, renowned developers of Max Payne and Alan Wake, Remedy’s Death Rally classic top down racer is back, stronger and more vicious than ever. This is no Sunday Drive. This is Death Rally, so be prepared to be blown away, literally.”



All you have to do to win is to simply leave a comment below on why you want to win this awesome game. 

Lucky winners will be drawn at random on the August 12th, 2012. Good luck to you all!


Competition is open WORLDWIDE. When you enter please leave a VALID email address and also mention what part of the world you are from.


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Play Hard Or Don't Play At All
  • I thoroughly enjoyed kicking ass on the iOS version of the game, and playing it on PC would definitely be a great birthday present.

  • this would be a great collection to my PC Gaming List I lOVE Racing Games!

  • Atreyuevr

    I’ve gotta say, I loved me some Twisted Metal back in the day. Me and my cousin played the hell out of every single Twisted Metal game available for the PSX. Consequently, nowadays, when I find any game that involves cars suped up with various weapons/gadgets I find myself HAVING to play the hell out of them as I continue my neverending quest to revisit those AWESOME days between school years, a nostalgia that I have yet to find in any recent game.

    To end my rant about my endless search for a game that will give me some of that nostalgic goodness, I’d LOVE to win this game as it looks promising, and adds customization to the mix. Twisted Metal with CUSTOMIZATION!? YES PLZ!!!

    (Thank you for the opportunity, in all seriousness. I’d love to win this game, but even if I don’t, you know from reading this that I’ll definitely be buying it eventually. =])

    • Congrats you’ve won we’ll be in contact with you shortly!

  • awesome giveaway, thanks

  • Missingno

    I remember spending many hours with the old version back in 1996-1997, so I was wondering if this version still retains the spirit of the oldie. For retro gamers I’ve just seen that you can download and try the old version from Remedy Games official web page. Thanks for making this contest and good luck to everyone.

  • Proxx

    Wow this game looks amazing makes me think of an old game I used to play called Mini Car Racing. I had alot of fun playing that game! Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to all.

  • killing zombie by car feck yea xD

  • killing zombie by car feck yea xD

  • gmanvg

    Thanks for the chance! I love racing games!

  • Tried this on my iPhone 4 and I’m definitely looking forward to trying this on PC if I win 🙂

  • Pipo

    Im old school and love games like this. Thanks :D!

  •  thanks for the opportunity

  • Stevensi10

    I really wanna have this game because i played the old one in the last three days and it’s very good… I hope to win this great giveaway :D… thank you 😉

  • thanks for the chance. really nicy giveaway… death rally is back… 

  • Gopaul Premnauth

    I want this game because it is one fun game and it looks cool..

  • Alchemistlord

    I want this game because I would love to play some more racing games that aren’t simulators.I want other ways to destroy and crash cars rather than bumping into them. I want some shoot down some cars.

    • Congrats you’ve won we’ll be in contact with you shortly!

  • Bassthreat

    I played the original a lot and would like to try this one out, thanks for the giveaway!

  • Bassthreat

    Btw i’m from Spain

  • no money no fun 😉

  • MyNameIsMiro

    I want to win because cars and guns are an awesome combination 😀

  • MyNameIsMiro

    Oh snap, just noticed that you have to say where you’re from, I’m from California (YAY AREA!)

  • Pavel Kajaba

    I like that, i used to play it when i was young (older version :))

  • Tinghung100

    game looks great. USA

  • Angel9RakouCobra

    I love racing (and combat racing) games and never got to play the original. Thanks! I’m in the US.

  • Gr8one81

    I never tried the game.

  • Wants to win, cares not for losses nor for email from the US

  • Woah looks really cool, hope I can win and play 😛


  • Rick O’Shay

    This game looks pretty sweet, the first one was awesome.  Also the first has been released as freeware for Windows and works great on 7, so check it out!


  • sweet…. i love to race around in cool cars! hope i win

  • Tezuz

    nice this game looks fun i loved the old death rally, i hope i win, thanks!

  • GameDemonKing

    I just love the look of the game and the reason why I want to win this game is because I want to forget the nutcracker 3D garbage and bash some COMs within the game. I live in the USA

  • From the USA, my email is
    Simply put, Death Rally looks awesome! Cars, explosions, racing, upgrades, and really, I’ve heard the game is really good, so I’d love to play it!

    Thanks for the chance to win a copy. 😉

    • Congrats you’ve won we’ll be in contact with you shortly!

  • Shergar

    Racing game from creators of my favourite series? Sound interesting 🙂 Thanks for this giveaway, i’m  from Poland and my e-mail is

  • Alien Dave

    I played this game back when it first came out… finally beat it, but that last race was murder!

  • Ricchan

    I’m a big fan of Death Rally for PC from the 90’s… Now I have to own the remake!! From Poland ricchan (at) libero (dot) it

  • Luis H

    Ooohhh, Death Rally, what an awesome game it was!! Hours of fun and challenge. If this version is half as good as the original was, it will be a must-have to every pc gamer.

    Greetings from Spain 🙂

  • Because i want to help bogus bill go on top! (I played to kill everyone but him)

  • Because I never heard about this game but I know this game is AWESOME!!!


  • Our 3 lucky Winners have been chosen! They are :

    Cameron Colwell  

    Congrats to the 3 lucky Winners stay tuned for another great give away to go live in the next hour! Check out the competition page here for existing competitions now! 

  • zehruela

    i like to win this game
    thanks from brazil

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