Toybox Release Date and Trailer

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Multitaskers beware a new iOS game is coming to test your mental dexterity and hand coordination.  Toybox is a new game coming from the developer Barrel of Donkeys, that combines shooting-scroller and tetris style block matching.  Players have to destroy all the enemies while staying alive, but also have to place blocks in hopes of matching them, with matches granting points, power ups, or lives.  Better yet the game will update every week with a new pattern of attacking enemies, so that everyone worldwide can try for the new leaderboard every week for fresh competition.

Currently Toybox is set to release August 23rd, 2012 for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but players interested in checking out just how the gameplay will work can check out the video embedded below.  For more information on the game players can also check out the game’s website HERE.

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