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This month SBS DVD have a bunch of new box sets and seasons for you guys to add to your collection.

First off we have the Swift & Shift Couriers box set. From the makers of Housos, Swift and Shift is a comedy about Australia’s worst courier company, who always manage to stuff up what is seemingly a simple job. The box set brings together the whole series in one convenient set, for $49.95. BUY IT HERE

For those food lovers out there is Island Feast with Peter Kuruvita, a Sydney chef who takes you on a food journey through the island communities in the Phillipines, Indonesia, Vanuatu and finally the Cook Islands. Each island has a unique range of foods and Peter will explore all of these with you, as well as the family bonds in other cultures, as he gathers new family recipes along his journey. Island Feast with Peter Kuruvita is available now for $29.95. BUY IT HERE

Got a taste for crime (shows, that is)? Well the third series Spiral is available now and there is a whole bunch of new mystery to deal with. Police Captain Laure Berthaud has a mutilated body on her hands, and she leads her squad on the hunt for what she believes is a serial killer. However, she’s got problems of her own with her personal life a mess and tension within her team. She’s not the only one with issues, with Prosecutor Pierre Clément becoming massively unpopular due to his insistence on integrity, and barrister Karlsson trying to disassociate with some unsavory associations with dangerous consequences. The third series of Spiral is available now for $34.95. BUY IT HERE

Or are you a history buff? Well SBS DVD has the perfect thing for you. For the first time, a collection of all 11 Empire documentaries have been released in a strictly limited 16-disc set. This set includes:

– Empires: Egypt
– Empires: Kingdom of David – The Saga of the Israelites
– Empires: The Greeks – Crucible of Civilisation
– Empires: The Roman Empire in the First Century
– Empires: Peter & Paul and the Christian Revolution
– Empires: Islam – Empire of Faith
– Empires: The Medici – Godfathers of the Renaissance
– Empires: Martin Luther
– Empires: Japan – Memoirs of a Secret Empire
– Empires: Napoleon
– Empires: Queen Victoria’s Empire

So what are you waiting for? If you love your empires, or your history documentaries, make sure to grab a copy of the Empires Collection box set now for $119.95. BUY IT HERE

BRB, playing games.

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