I Am Alive ventures to the PC

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You may remember a little digital title that was released on the XBLA back in March of this year, and then the PSN some time afterwards. That title happened the be the oft delayed, I Am Alive, and true to Ubisoft fashion they have finally brought out the even further delayed PC version of the game on September 13th, a full six months after the original release of the title.

Those curious about what I Am Alive may offer on the PC can check out our review for the XBLA version of the game here, though it is worth noting that an “Easy” and “Replay” mode have been added into the game to allow inexperienced players to have infinite lives or restart from any level they please. The PC version will cost $17.95 and those who pre-order the game will get another Ubisoft title, Bloody Good Time for free.

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