Timebuilders Sends You Back to Egypt and the Stone Age

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Anuman Interactive have announced that they will add to their series of time management games, with a new publishing partnership with BlooBuzz Studios for The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising and Caveman’s Prophecy for PC and Mac.

In Pyramid Rising players get to be the Egyptian Royal Architect’s assistant and have to take on a number of challenges to help out the Egyptian economy, such as developing houses and building villages. In Caveman’s Prophecy you are sent back to prehistoric times, with a similar goal to keep your corner of the Earth running.

Anuman Interactive’s Publishing Director, Alain Milly, said this about Anuman’s new partnership:

“We are thrilled to be able to strengthen our position on the time management game market by publishing “Pyramid Rising” and “Caveman’s Prophecy”. These are quality games that will make great additions to our casual game catalogue. Also, we are delighted about taking the opportunity to widen our international horizons by signing this partnership with Quebec studios BlooBuzz.”

For more information about Anuman Interactive, head over to their site HERE. Keep tuned to Capsule Computers for more information on Timebuilders, or any other Anuman games that are coming out!

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