Hunter x Hunter Movie release date and more details revealed

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In some breaking news for Hunter x Hunter fans, the previously announced movie based upon the animated series of Hunter x Hunter has now gotten a title, release date and it’s plot detailed.

Mantan Web confirmed that the film will be titled Hunter x Hunter: The Scarlet Phantom and will be released in the 21st of January, 2013. The plot will be a completely original story written by Yoshihiro Togashi himself, focusing on The Phantom Troupe and the Kurta Clan. Kurapika is said to be the film’s protagonist, with Gon and Killua being sidelined for a heavily Kurapika focused story of a ‘scarlet illusion’.

What do you think of these new details on Huner x Hunter: The Scarlet Phantom? Are you excited enough that your eyes are turning red? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Mantan Web 

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Senior Editor & Anime Specialist

  • I love you guys!!!

  • Reikoaikawa08

    im excited bout it! but also i want a movie that killua is the protagonist!! yay.. 2nd movie perhaps.. 

    • yea mwee too…must have Killua as the protagonist in the next movie!!

  • JYNaRa

    I was excited until I read that Gon and Killua are sidelined >.> I watched HxH and HxH 2011 and it’s ALL about Kurapica and his clan!!! I wanna see some Killua stuff!! Argh so frustrating >:(

  • Aira

    I can’t wait! I have always loved kurapika! My fav!

  • Marco Jj

    Eu sou fãn Brasileiro do anime tenho 14 anos a primeira vez que assistir o anime tinha 11 anos e adorei estou louco para ver o filme tenho certeza que sera fantastico. 

  • Guest

    is that the reason why togashi is on hiatus again?

  • Netero’s_Laugh

    Fantastic! And so immensely good Togashi wrote it! Respect and integrity! Great news! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  • kurapika’s b-day present

    OMGG thats on my birthdayyy!!!!!! 21 jan!!! love Kurapika!!! Pika-chan is the best!!!! awesome gift

  • StevO

    i think this movie will also show the last unrevealed chain of kurapika…. I WONDER.

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