Hawken Looking To Conquer Comic-Con and Gamescom

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… after it’s successful victory at this years E3 conference held in LA. Hawken is a free-to-play mech shooter with a fast-paced and frenetic play style from publisher Meteor Games and developers Adhesive Games. The game is set to launch on the 12/12/12, which is the twelfth of the twelfth twenty-twelve, and is a repetitive number.

Fans looking to play the game at Comic-Con will have the opportunity to do so by visiting IGN’s (augh) booth on both Thursday and Saturday July 12th and 14th. On the Friday and Saturday, one of the teams creative directors, Khang Le, will be creating artworks at the Wacom booth for fans to watch and enjoy. The group Archaia will be showcasing the game on the show floor for the entirety of the event.

After Comic-Con, Hawken will also be in presence at the Gamescom event in Germany where it will probably be playable. We are also told that a new PR team has been put together for this occasion and is handled by the following – “three key players have joined the Meteor Entertainment team: Iris Andresdottir for all International, Aidan Minter in the UK, and Ashley Jenkins in Oceania.”

Just remember to check out the game at it’s official website where I believe there is a closed Beta registration happening right now.

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