Posted by Evan Brander-Jones on Jul 22, 2012

Final Fantasy 25th anniversary event detailed

Square Enix has launch a website detailing the Final Fantasy 25th anniversary event. The first day will feature an exhibition featuring items from the entire franchise, as well as the open ceremonies. Those who want to attend the first day will be interested to know that doors open at 4pm August 31st in Shibuya Tokyo Japan. The second day, September 1st, will see an announcement made about a second sequel to Final Fantasy XIII which will start at 11:30am. At 2:30pm will have a music, and live stage performance celebrating Final Fantasy XI 10th anniversary.

Square Enix will be making an announcement about the PlayStation 3 version of Final Fantasy XIV at 5:30pm to close out the day. On the final day September 2nd events start at 11:30am with Final Fantasy VII 15th Anniversary.  Sukueni Chan will be having decision about Final Fantasy now, and the future of the franchise at 2:30pm. The final event is a music performance and discussion with Final Fantasy I-X and XIV composer Nobuo Uematsu. Square also says that Uematsu will be unveiling new music so if you are in the Shibuya area during August 31st to September 2nd you should check the Final Fantasy 25th anniversary event.

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  • They should have Hironobu Sakaguchi there the creator otherwise it’s hardly a celebration event without the creator.