Street Fighter X Tekken headed to iOS 5 devices

Fighting Capcom iPad iPhone

So you have an iPad or iPhone? You like fighting games? Well then you may want to check out Street Fighter X Tekken. That’s right Capcom is bringing the tag team crossover to iOS 5 devices. Street Fighter X Tekken marks the 3rd console game to be ported to the iOS platform the other titles being Resident Evil 4 and Street Fighter 4. Street Fighter X Tekken seems to be using the same control scheme as Street Fighter 4 on iOS which was called one of the best control schemes on any iOS game.

It is unknown if the iOS version will feature the full roaster or if it will have a very reduced roster like Street Fighter 4.  Street Fighter X Tekken will be playable on iPhone 4, 4S and iPad 2, and available this summer.  What do you think about Street Fighter X Tekken coming to iOS 5 devices?

Source G4TV

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