Pick one more Dead or Alive 5 sexy costume for Tecmo Koei to provide

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Tecmo Koei revealed today that, at least in Japan so far, that first run copies of Dead or Alive 5 would contain a code that will allow players to unlock two “sexy costumes” for Ayane and Kasumi. As you can see in the image above, this means that both of these girls will be receiving a sexy bunny outfit to fight one another in.

Interestingly enough however, Tecmo Koei also revealed that they will be adding a third sexy costume to the list. The girl who will receive the third costume is up to the players however, as the company has launched a voting system which can be found here. Now you will need to make an account to vote unfortunately, but with a little bit of guessing and translating, it isn’t very difficult. We’ve included the three bonus wallpapers that voters receive below in case you are too lazy to go vote for Hitomi.

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