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Indie Gala is taking their pay what you want indie bundles in support of charity mobile! Pay what you want and you will get Great Little War Game, Cardinal Quest, Smiles HD, and Legends of Yore for Android. Pay more than the average and you will also get Manor of the Damned and Pitiri 1977 on Desura and Turba on Steam. In addition, you will get Cardinal Quest, Smiles HD, and Legends of Yore for PC and two music albums. Legends of Yore will require you to have an Android device so you can activate your account for PC play.

All of this is in support of AbleGamers, a charity helping children and adults with disabilities and veterans recovering from war trauma to play video games, and the Italian Red Cross who are currently in Emilia Romagna helping the survivors of the earthquake rebuild their lives. The whole package is worth $150 dollars if sold separately, so make sure you jump on this deal and give generously to help those in need.

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