Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Will Have Zombies and a Generation-Spanning Story

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After yesterday’s big reveal of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Treyarch have dropped a nice behind the scenes featurette, which should be quite intriguing to anyone wanting to know just what will be within this sequel. This video takes us into the minds that created Black Ops 2, and during the clip, the story as well as the full creative process was detailed, giving us a better look of what to expect come November.

As many of you know, Black Ops 2 takes place throughout several generations, with the main plot set after the events of the first title, in a robot dominated 2025. This means that the tech is stronger, the AI is tougher, and there will be all kinds of new toys that players will get to use in the battlefield. One small thing of note is that horses can be seen in the game through a mocap session, which may play out into the gameplay as well due to the various time periods included. Yeah, it’s small, but interesting nevertheless. Zombie Mode was not discussed too much, but it will be back and better than ever, with all of the new weaponry and gadgets in tow to take down the hoards. Check out the full video below, and stay tuned as there is sure to be even more news on Black Ops 2 within the coming months.


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