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During EAs E3 conference, it was announced that a few new things will be making their way to the Battlefield 3 playerbase soon. These things may come as a bit of a shock to gamers and may also seem a little off putting to some, considering it requires gamers to cough up money to access these services.

The first service I want to talk about is EA’s Battlefield 3 Premium service. This service, to be honest, feels a lot like the Call of Duty premium service that Activision was pushing over it’s CoD playerbases earlier. In EA’s version of the service, players will be able to purchase content for their Battlefield 3 accounts, as well as access expansion packs a full two weeks before anyone else. Is this worth a fee? It’s up to you, the players to decide.

The second thing I want to talk about are the expansion packs, of which there are 5, one of which has already been released. They have already began development (and likely nearly completed it too) on these expansion packs, which are going to be tiered to release around each other. Now I’m not saying that this is a milking of the franchise or a cashgrab by EA on one of their largest multiplayer games ever. But I will say that gamers should be wary of these practices and that if they support them, then they will be continuing.

The Expansion packs are named thus –

  • Close Quarters
  • Aftermath
  • End Game
  • Armoured Kill
  • Back to Karkand

Also coming to the franchise in the future are new game modes and customisations. These are likely to be available on the new Battlefield 3 Premium service.

Gaming for as long as my memory serves me, probably longer.

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