Worms Revolution to Feature Classes

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Team 17 have revealed what makes Worms Revolution so revolutionary. It originally seemed that the upcoming game was little more than a graphical update, but Team 17 announced this week that Worms Revolution will contain a class system.

It was hinted at in the logo for the game, and we finally have more details: players will be able to build their teams out of a set of four types of worms, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

The Soldier is your garden-variety worm. He’s decent at attacking and traversing the landscape, but not outstanding at anything specific. Essentially, he’s the kind of worm you’ve been battling with in previous Worms games.


The Scout is a smaller, more agile worm. He’s better suited to getting around, meaning he can move faster, jump higher and further, and can fall further without taking damage. But, as expected, he packs less firepower than the standard Soldier, and his lightweight means he’ll fly further when hit by explosives or melee attacks.


The Heavy is the powerhouse of the Worms battlefield. His attack power is second to none, and his bulk means explosions are a lot less likely to send him to the watery depths. This reluctance to travel has its disadvantages though: Heavies move quite slowly around the landscape, and won’t be able to get to the high ledges or narrow nooks the other classes take for granted. He can still use utilities like the Ninja Rope and Jet Pack to get around, but don’t expect to be going very fast or far.


Lastly, the Scientist is a support class. He won’t deal much damage, and is a little sluggish moving around, but for each turn he takes, the health of your whole team will go up. He’s also quite proficient with the more technical weapons, so he can build sentry guns and electromagnets to protect your team.

Worms has always been known as a strategy game, and this class system opens up some interesting tactics. Do you make your whole team out of just Scouts and run circles round the opponents? Do you dig a Scientist into the ground to heal your team each turn, while using your other worms to defend him?

My mind is reeling off possibilities and strategies already. I was somewhat sceptical of the game’s “revolutionary” self-proclamation, but this looks like it could be the refresher that the franchise needs.

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