Squids now available on PC

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What’s French, colourful, cute, and features a cowboy hat wearing squid called Clint? That would be The Game Bakers Squids, a ‘casual RPG’ that has seen over 1 million downloads so far on iOS, and has just been released on to PC. The team behind the game have years of experience working on AAA games, but have thankfully taken all this expertise and used it to produce something that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Set in an underwater world threatened by encroaching black goop, a team of uniquely skilled Squids must protect their home from destruction against ooze infected crabs and shrimp. The gameplay mechanic is a simple one – grab a squid by the tentacles and chuck it at the enemy!

The iOS version scored an ‘excellent’  9 out of 10 capsules here on CC, so it’s impressive stuff. If you’re not one for portable gaming then now is the time to check out what could be an excellent little addition to your desktop:  if your interest is indeed tickled by some colourful kookiness with a bit of RPG and strategy, then head over to the Game Bakers website.

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