Over 13.6 million Skyrim mods downloaded from Steam Workshop

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The Steam Workshop was made available for Skyrim mods back in the middle of February and since then Skyrim players have been busy little bees. Since its release, over 11.6 million Skyrim mods were downloaded from Steam alone, bringing the total up to 13.6 million which is quite an impressive number.

The news about this number appeared on the Bethesda Game Studios’ developer Twitter. These mods are everything from whole new quests, new spells, more textures, changes to the game’s physics and plenty of other adjustments. Those interested in what the most highly rated mod at the moment will be surprised to hear it is a simple audio modification which will bring your dungeon crawling experience to life with over 90 more sound effects in the “Sounds of Skyrim – The Dungeons” mod.

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