Diesel Stuff Pack Coming to the Sims 3

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Ready for some “successful living”? Are your Sims ready? Well EA/Maxis are happy to oblige, announcing the release of a Diesel branded Stuff Pack coming soon to a neighbourhood on your hard drive. What this particular fashion brand has to do with successful living I’m not sure, but both clothing and furniture from Diesel’s 2012 Spring/Summer Collection – currently available in stores and online! – will be included in the pack.

Over three dozen clothing items will be included, catering for male, female and young Sims. Joining the brand’s signature denim collection will be household items such as  sofa, coffee tables and a bed, forming a collection of over a dozen objects. Some of these items are also available in the real world, so you and your favourite virtual people can wear the same designer duds.

No release date has been confirmed, but expect to see the pack hit stores and Origin within a few months time.

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