Anuman Interactive Holds International Museum Day Deals for iOS

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Today, May 18th, is International Museum Day and the folks at Anuman Interactive are helping people celebrate by offering discounted or free iOS adventure games based around historical monuments.  So, while out visiting your yearly allotment of museums today and the tour reaches something that hits your “je ne sai quoi” factor, check out some of these alternatives until the tour moves on.

The games at special price today for 24 hours are:

  • Louvre The Messenger HD at 75% off or $0.99 – available HERE
  • Versailles 2 – Part 2 HD at FREE from the usual $0.99 – available HERE
  • Versailles 2 – Part 3 HD at FREE from the usual $0.99 – available HERE

Can’t really argue with free, so if you’re into adventure games give them a look see as the games were published in a partnership with French RMN or National Museums Network making today the perfect day to promote them.  As for Louvre, you can check out Capsule Computers review of it HERE.

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