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The sports/fitness sub genre of gaming has become well trodden ground of late. With the motion detection capabilities of current gen consoles, all and sundry have been releasing exercise and fitness titles to get us lazy gamers and our fellow non-gamers to work up a bit of a sweat.

The latest title to the party is adidas miCoach, a game that hopes to bring a more technical and sportsd training orientated approach to the genre. International publishers 505 Games have just entered into an agreement with adidas to publish the title, which will be coming to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in winter 2012.

With over 400 exercises suitable for all ages, gender and skill level, miCoach will take full advantage of the Kinect and Move technology associated with each system. Players will be able to create bespoke exercise plans, with some exercises and routines even coming complete with appearances from international sports stars currently signed up to the adidas brand. Jose Mourinho, ana Ivanovic and Brazilian footballer Kaka are just some of the 18 big names that will all provide masterclasses for their sport.

If miCoach sounds like something worth getting pumped about (sorry), then head over to www.micoach.com for more info.

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