War Inc. Battle Zone Available Free to Play

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Online Warmongers Group Inc. has released their game War Inc. Battle Zone out of beta and it is available free to play.  War Inc. is more than just a shooter game, it’s a shooter game that has been designed to work for both first person shooting and third person shooting, so fans of both genres can play without feeling treated unfair.

Online Warmongers has also released a trailer to better prepare new players and tote the features of their game.  From ultra in-depth weapon customization to 32 vs 32 battles, War Inc. has been crafted thanks to the aid of the beta testers from 175 countries and putting in 120 million hours of gameplay to make sure it was prepared for release.  Not only that, but with a partnership with Alienware Arena, new players to War Inc. have a chance to win Alienware X51 gaming computer.  Check out the contest HERE and War Inc. Battle Zone HERE.

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