Save the Furries Coming Free to iOS

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SDP Games is going to be releasing Save the Furries May 1st on iOS.  What’s even better, if you haven’t figured it out by the picture or title, is that the game will be FREE.  While the game will feature a total of 60 levels, 30 will be released for free, so players can get a solid feel for the game.

Save the Furries has the player trying to protect the oblivious Furries from all manners of dangers.  Players must move obstacles like pinballs, ropes, logs, crates, carts, switches, fans and more as the Furries march merrily along.  Protect them from spikey pits, huge explosions, giant drops, and becoming food for the Furax to get as many to the exit as possible.  Be sure to check it out come May 1st and save all you can.



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