“Reflexio” from New Indie Developers has Release Date

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There’s a new indie game studio and they are planning to release their first game May 1st.  Box Jellyfish Studio is gearing up to release Reflexio, a puzzle-platforming indie game, on PC through Desura and IndieCity.  Box Jellyfish is a studio made up of 5 university student looking to share their interest in game design with everyone.

Reflexio has the player controlling a koala named Joey, who is looking to escape each level with the aid of a magic umbrella that allows to reflect the levels objects around Joey.  Players have to plan out how to reflect the level from either a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal axis, so that Joey can jump on or pass around blocks to reach the exit.  Check out the video below to see how the basic gameplay looks and be sure to look for a demo soon, before the game comes out May 1st.

Bachelor of Science in Game and Simulation Programming

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